Bonny Blue Flag and Dixie

Here’s a rehearsal recording of two Civil War favorites.

sheetmusic Dixie's Land by EmmettThe tune Dixie was written by Ohio native Daniel Decatur Emmett in 1859, and was a personal favorite of Abraham Lincoln. The song became officially associated with the South when it was played at Jefferson Davis’ inauguration as President of the Confederate States of America in 1861.

bonny blueThe Bonnie Blue Flag dates from 1810 and the rebellion of West Florida from Spain. Floridians marched to the provincial capital at Fort Baton Rouge waving the lone star flag. Successful in overthrowing the governor, they declared them selves an independent republic. However, the matter was settled by President James Madison when he issued a proclamation placing West Florida under the jurisdictions of the Governor of the Louisiana Territory.

When the Confederate Stats seceded they at first adopted the Blue and White lone star flag until the more familiar Stars and Bars flag was created.

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