SAC Museum This Saturday, April 16


1st Nebraska will be performing from 10:00-11:00 AM in the main rotunda for the Strategic Air and Space Museum’s “Science of Music” Event. We’ll be premiering our 2016 program with several new numbers, such as “Hunters’ Chorus from The Rose of Erin,” “Soldiers’ Chorus from Faust,” “Freischutz Quickstep,” “Listen to the Mockingbird,” and “Lorena.” We’ll also play several crowd favorites like “Dixie and Yankee Doodle,” “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” and “Battle Hymn.”

In addition, we’ll do a few demonstrations, like “what happens when you pull the tuning slides out of the cornet valves?” and “What’s the difference in length between the E-flat cornet and the tuba.” (a lot!) “How does length affect sound?”

We hope to see you at the SAC Museum this Saturday! Introduce yourself, too.

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