Funeral Service for PVT. Benton Kinkead GAR Union Army held in Plattsmouth Ne 10-30-2021

The 1st Nebraska volunteers had an amazing opportunity to honor a Civil War Combat Veteran and former POW with the buriel of Pvt. Benton Kinkead in Plattsmouth Nebraska!

Benton Kinkead was 16-years-old when he enlisted in the 77th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry’s D Company after lying he was two years older. Kinkead ended up in General Sherman’s Army of the Tennessee, where he battled confederates at Shiloh and Fallen Timbers and helped capture Little Rock in Arkansas.

After getting wounded he was taken prisoner and spent a time in a Confederate POW Camp before being traded for Confederate POWS and leaving the army and returning to Ohio, Kinkead eventually found himself in Plattsmouth with his wife and three children. He works as a painter with his younger brother before moving to Seattle, where he ultimately died of pneumonia in 1916 at 71 and spent the last 105 years waiting to be reunited with his wife Cynthia in Plattsmouth!

Lots of news coverage and so many Civil War related organizations and veterans groups participated in an amazing day paying tribute to this man. Truly an honor for every one of us!

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