Vintage Wheels at the Fort – August 18th

It’s time for Ft. Omaha’s annual auto show; and what a show it is! Not only do you get classic cars from the ’50s, but there are cars from the 1920s and maybe even the 1910s. You can even get an old car ride at the show.

The 1st Nebraska Volunteers Brass Band provides old-time music to go with the old-time cars in the Douglas County Historical Society’s annual car show. Held this year on Sunday, August 18, the band will kick-off its program at noon.

In addition to cars and music, there are some good eats to be had! The aroma of freshly grilled sausage always wafts through the air making everyone’s mouth water.

So come out to Ft. Omaha on Sunday the 18th and enjoy some good music, good food, and see some great old cars! The event is free!

Vintage Wheels at the Fort 2017

1st Nebraska had an excellent outing on Sunday, August 20 playing for the Vintage Wheels at the Fort old-time auto show for the Douglas County Historical Society. The annual event held at historic Ft. Omaha attracts hundreds of people inspecting the beautiful restorations on as many as 100 old cars. The weather was sunny and in the low 80s, but the humidity was very high so we took off our coats after our 2nd song.

Garden crop
In Gen. Crook’s Formal Garden, Ft. Omaha

As a typical outdoor performance, some patrons brought chairs to sit and listen, while others listened as they strolled up and down the street looking at the cars. We aimed one speaker down the road so that those strolling by the cars could still hear the music.The band played very well and the crowd showed great appreciation.

There were great variety of old autos at the show with many from the 1910s and early 1020s. Of course, there were “newer” models, too.

Our next outing is on Sunday, October 1, at noon in Ft. Calhoun. We’ll be playing for the Washington County Heritage Days at Ft. Atkinson. Come out and see us!

Wessel’s Living History Farm

Well, it’s mid-July in Nebraska. That means heat and humidity, a wonderful combination for outdoors performances. Yes, I’m being sarcastic!

1st Nebraska played both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, first at Wessel’s Living History Farm and then for the John C. Fremont Days festival.

Wessel’s Farm is a 1920s era operation with a beautiful house and side buildings. There’s a collection of old farm machinery including several old tractors. Several times during the summer local historians demonstrate common farm skills for the public. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the farm is the old country style chapel that has been transplanted to the grounds. 

1st Nebraska setup under a tent, which got us and the audience out of the sun, and played our 2017 program. The audience was very enthusiastic, and several folks traveled to hear the band play. The host told us that we’re developing quite a reputation in Central Nebraska.

On Sunday, 1st Nebraska returned to the John C. Fremont Days, again playing in the chautauqua tent.

Our next performance in on August 20th at Ft. Omaha for the Douglas County Historical Society’s “Vintage Wheels at the Fort.”  

Vintage Wheels at Ft. Omaha

What a beauty!

On a beautiful and sunny August 14th Sunday afternoon, the Douglas County Historical Society hosted their annual car show “Vintage Wheels at the Fort.” Once again 1st Nebraska provided entertainment for the crowds as they strolled up and down Ft. Omaha’s West Street to ooh and aah at the beautifully restored automobiles of bygone eras.

There were several autos from the early 1920s through the 1960s. The beautiful day and the great cars brought the crowd out to admire and

What a beauty!

to listen to the entertainment. In addition to 1st Nebraska there was a vocalist performing songs from the 1920s and 1930s, very appropriate for the age of the autos, and a local polka band, too.

1st Nebraska set-up on the lawn in front of the Gen. Crook House and our music wafted through the tree-lined street and down to the audience. Several folks brought their lawn chairs and set-up on the grass across the street from us. The audience was very appreciative, and one person said, “I came here just to hear your band.” So, it was a very successful and enjoyable outing for us, and thankfully the heat and humidity were low enough that we were comfortable in our wool coats.

Garden crop
In Gen. Crook’s Formal Garden, Ft. Omaha


Serenading at Ft. Omaha

On a warm and humid Sunday, 1st Nebraska serenaded the public from the grassy knoll in front of the the Gen. Crook House at Ft. Omaha. Sponsored by the Douglas County Historical Society the Omaha Model T Club, the fort held “Vintage Wheels at the Fort” displaying several old “Tin Lizzie’s” and other autos from bygone days.

Beautifully restored Gen Crook House on Ft. Omaha
Beautifully restored Gen Crook House on Ft. Omaha

Ft. Omaha was established in 1868 and remained active through World War I. Its layout and buildings are typical of the Civil War era with dark red brick barracks and officers’ quarters and a large parade field in the middle of a quad of buildings. The Gen. Crook house is located on West Road at the back of the fort on a hill overlooking the main administration building. The house has been wonderfully restored and serves as a museum of late victorian era furnishings. Douglas County Historical Society is housed next door with publications and files dating back to the 1860s.

Surrounding Gen. Crook in his garden

1st Nebraska played a variety of patriotic songs of the North and the South, popular songs of the day, and opera medleys. The crowd was very appreciative and several bought their folding lawn chairs and set up on the road across from where we were playing. Following our performance, 1NVBB took the opportunity to shoot some photos–with modern equipment, of course.

After the serenade on the steps of the Gen Crook House
After the serenade on the steps of the Gen Crook House