alto player1st Nebraska Volunteers Brass Band, a Civil War reenactment band based in Omaha, has immediate openings on E-flat Alto Horn.

Alto Horn plays vital harmonic rhythm parts and occasional melody lines in our authentic Civil War era music. The mouthpiece is slightly larger than a standard trumpet mouthpiece, but the notes read just like regular trumpet music and the fingerings are the same.

1st Nebraska owns both the instrument and uniforms, so getting started in a reenactment group is relatively cost free.

1st Nebraska performs in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa for Civil War events, civic and patriotic events, community festivals, and public service occasions. We are presently in rehearsals for our 2016 program and have some dates already scheduled.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Bill Hall, Leader, at 402.575.8220 or

Learn more about 1st Nebraska on our

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